South Regina United Community

The South Regina United Community is an interim name for the faith communities of Wesley and Sunset United Churches who are currently working together toward potential amalgamation.

Location of Worship Services

Starting Sunday, September 10, 2023, worship services will be held at 177 Sunset Drive at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.

Please call 306-586-3613 for information about funeral services, weddings or baptisms.

Rental of Sunset United Church Spaces

  • Rental of meeting room spaces is continuing at 177 Sunset Drive as previously.
  • Call the Sunset Office Coordinator at 306-586-3613 to inquire.

How does amalgamation occur?

What is JAT?

A group named the Joint Amalgamation Team (JAT) began to meet in April 2023 to support the Wesley United Church Council and the Sunset United Church Board in the many tasks required on this journey. Both churches and JAT are guided by United Church of Canada policies and Living Skies Regional Council.

What is the purpose of the Joint Amalgamation Team? 

  1. to create a framework (a memorandum of understanding and a partnership plan) for amalgamation decisions as they evolve
  2. to work out how we will begin to worship as one faith community in September 2023